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Musical instrument hire is the easy way to start playing for only a small monthly amount instead of the costly outlay in purchasing an instrument outright.

Our hire instruments offer the perfect chance to be one step closer to playing, whether the plan is to pursue graded exams or just play for the enjoyment. Our hire instruments will definitely get anyone up and running.
So, hire today and be playing for family and friends very soon, or even on a stage in your first concert!

Instruments We Teach


From age 5 to 95, piano is an incredible versatile instrument and is a great foundation that transfers to other instruments.


From age 5 to 95, drums are a challenge but well worth it! You don't have to purchase a drum set to start lessons!

Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

From 7 to 95, you can expect to work on chords, simple songs & melodies, sight reading and theory.  (Uke ~ 5 yrs old)

Violin, Cello & Viola

Violin lessons are perfect to start at the age of 5, and cello & viola we generally recommend around age 10. Adults will them all!


From 7 to 95, you learn the genre of music you love. Perfect for supplementing church choir practice, helping with an upcoming audition or just being able to rock karaoke night.


  • Ability to join a band or ensemble group
  • Ability to compose songs
  • Ability to record songs...
  • 2 Recitals a Year
  • Never miss a lesson with Lessonmate
  • Enrollment in Musical Scales of Achievement
  • Program
  • Discounted Books & Supplies
  • Easy monthly rental instrument program

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Happy Musicians!

Happy Musicians!

Instrumental Rental

All School Calendar

September 2020 ~ August 2021

Intrumental Rental

All School Calendar

September 2020 ~ August 2021


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We Are Here


Located behind the Orchards Kentucky Fried Chicken in the SR-500 Complex of Gher Road and SR-500. Easy access from I-5 and 1-205 as well as SR-14 for our East County residents.

WMA - Our Sister School


Take the DIKE ACCESS ROAD off of Interstate 5 and head east. Located in the BELMONT BUSINESS PARK, just south of Chevron, across from Adair Homes.

Just 12 minutes from downtown Ridgefield and 10 minutes from Salem Creek 134th on ramp.

In Your Home


Our online lessons are tailored to your child’s needs, ability and learning style in the comfort of your own home online. Learn to play the drums or piano; guitar, bass or ukulele; violin, cello or viola. Or even learn to master your own vocals through our voice lessons. Can’t make a lesson let us know and your teacher will send you a LessonMate video so you’ll never miss out.