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Music Lessons in Clark County, WA



From ages 3 1/2 to 6 years old.
The perfect stepping stone to private lessons.  Special attention is paid to learning the music alphabet, note recognition,  learning music terminology and also developing age appropriate social skills.   Hands-on experience with various instruments at each class.

KIDDY KEYS | Music lessons in Vancouver

Fernando H.

" Super amazing Academy! They are always patient with my kiddos and are very polite and cordial. I love the staff and they always have my back when I forget the kid's books by providing extras. "


Genres & Getting Started

We have a variety of musical genres for voice ranging from Rock, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Theatre, and R&B. You will learn the quintessential elements of voice lessons like ear training, aural, music theory, as well as how to sing 


Sign-Up in Seconds

To get signed up you can self-book though the button above. Or you can contact our office and one of our wonderful staff will to get you within 24 hours. We offer convenient times for our lessons and are open we are open 7 days a week!


Never Miss a Lesson!

Never miss a lesson with our amazing "Lessonmate" program! Our teachers have a day of missed lessons covered at your convenience.


Incentive Program

Make great strides with our incentive program - tailored toward our students experiences we create Musical Scales of Achievement to work toward your goals!

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