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Music Lessons in Clark County, WA


We are so much more than a school offering music lessons, we are each members of our community coming together to celebrate our love of music. 



Recitals are open to all students. Upcoming recitals will be May 18 and 19th, 2024. The last recitals in December were a huge success! Thank you to the students and families that came out to support them! 

Rockband also performed at Doomsday Brewing in October 2023!


Our String Ensemble band performed in October and December 2023. The most recent performance was at the Inn at University Village. Residents loved the live music during their lunch!


Our earlier ​Rockband July Summer Celebration and Potluck was so much fun and was enjoyed by over 100 attendees! Thank you to all the families that came out and supported these young musicians! We had a delicious potluck, listened to great music--all under tall shady trees on a beautiful summer day!

rockband perf.jpg
StringEnsemble Perf8.jpg
Music lessons in Vancouver


Never miss a lesson

with our amazing "Lessonmate" program! Our teachers have a day of missed lessons covered at your convenience. 

music lessons in vancouver


Ava C!

Congratulations Ava for your hard work to achieve students of the month for

February 2024!!!

We are so proud of you!




If you can't attend in person we offer Google Meet - a music education platform right at the tips of your fingers! You may transition back to in person lessons whenever you may like or continue to do virtual lessons at your convenience!

music lessons in vancouver



Our fantastic Musical Scales of Achievement Program is tailored toward each student's individual curriculum - we help you reach goals and achieve your musical endeavors!

fireworks pix2.jpg

Feb. 2024 Scale Achievers!!!

I passed level A!

Joe V

Maddux W

Atticus C

Faye M

Evelyn S

Leila B

Myka G

Camila Z

Olivia W

Sarah S

Eli E

Benjamin Y

Thomas H

Emery J

Zach R

Charlotte X

Adelo L

Sarah S

Jett S

Tommy R

I passed level B!

Sara D

Elyse K

Angelina G

Keri R

Oliver G

Summer G

 Jack H

Danica P

Grace L

Logan G

Danica P

June G

Anastacia S

Marshall N

Abel Z

 Lyra W

Jay R

I passed level C!

Ella F

Jace A

Austin S

Brawnson S

Benjamin Y

Violet S

I passed level D!

Cody W

Vladyslava D

Flint C

Juliette H

Bryton W

Lanai S

Brenda C

I passed level E!

Evan B

David Y

Slade S

Davis F

I passed level F!

Cody H

Logan AW

Francis T

I passed level G!

Laith G

I received a minor gold medal!

Hank J

I received a minor
silver medal!


Parker P

I received a minor
bronze medal!


Alice J

Aaron V

Misty V.D. - Vancouver, WA

The teachers are supportive and help the students improve.


Genres & Getting Started

We have a variety of musical genres for voice ranging from Rock, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Theatre, and R&B. You will learn the quintessential elements of voice lessons like ear training, aural, music theory, as well as how to sing 


Sign-Up in Seconds

To get signed up you can self-book though the button above. Or you can contact our office and one of our wonderful staff will to get you within 24 hours. We offer convenient times for our lessons and are open Monday through Friday!


Never Miss a Lesson!

Never miss a lesson with our amazing "Lessonmate" program! Our teachers have a day of missed lessons covered at your convenience.


Incentive Program

Make great strides with our incentive program - tailored toward our students experiences we create benchmarks to work toward your goals!

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