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Playing Piano


Music Lessons in Clark County, WA

Private Lesson

Our teachers approach each lesson with passion, positivity and pride… Each lesson is created specifically with your goals and learning style in mind. 

What We Do

Music Class

Voice Class

Unleash your vocal potential at vancouvermusicacademy. Tailored for all levels, our class focuses on essential techniques and performance skills. Join us and elevate your singing prowess today.

Music Class

Ensemble Groups

Harmonize your musical journey with our Ensemble Groups. Join fellow musicians of all levels to create captivating performances, fostering community, teamwork, and musical growth.

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Early Childhood Music

Discover the magic of music in our Early Childhood program. Designed for young learners, our interactive sessions use play and age-appropriate activities to instill a love for melody, fostering creativity and cognitive development from the start


Our belief is all people have a natural ability to play music. Our primary goal at the end of each lesson is for our students to feel confident and excited about playing their instrument. We teach all ages and abilities. Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute private weekly lessons.​​Our lessons are individualized for each student because our teachers work with you to customize their curriculum and teaching style to fit your musical interests.

Let us know what songs and style of music you enjoy and we will tailor our lessons to you!


" From the reception every time we arrive, to the warmth and dedication of the teachers, we have been so happy to have found Vancouver Music Academy! Our children are enjoying learning at their own pace and love being in the happy environment! Thank you so much for all you do!!! "

Maria L.


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