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Piano Lesson

Piano Lessons in Vancouver, WA

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are for children as young as 5 yrs old through adults as old as 99. You are never too old to learn to play. Our professional teachers take students from where they are either as a complete beginner or a student who has already studied the piano for years. All ability levels are welcome from beginners through advanced.

piano lessons in Vancouver, WA
piano lessons for kids

How Lessons Work

When a student first enrolls in piano lessons at Vancouver Music Academy, we immediately assess their level at the keyboard. We take any note reading ability, technical ability, or other skills into account. If you are a complete beginner, that's wonderful as well! We then speak to you about your goals at the piano, or your goals for your child. We will create a specific learning roadmap for you and your family.

We then start students on our Music Scales of Achievement program on their first day. Over time, they will pass through series of levels and are recognized and rewarded each time they pass a level (usually 4-8 months). We even send a recap email after each lesson so that the students knows what to work on at home.

piano class for kids

Never Miss a Lesson!

Forget complicated makeup policies. If you or your child can't attend a lesson, you may choose to take an online lesson via Google Meet (or multiple online lessons), or receive a recorded video lesson to engage with at your convenience.

piano lessons for adults Vancouver WA

Additional Opportunities to Develop as a Musician

As you progress on the piano, you may be invited to a rockband or another ensemble at Vancouver Music Academy. Feel free to ask for inclusion on the waitlist! We also have regualr opportunities for our students to participate in recitals with peers, songwriting classes, recording workshops, and other events. We truly strive to be a community, not just a place you take lessons.​

Lesson Availability

Piano lessons are available 7 days a week. We make it as easy as possible for you to select a lesson time when enrolling, and if you have any questions, please get in touch. 

Piano Practice

Piano is an incredible versatile instrument and is a great foundation that transfers to other instruments. 


Don't have a piano or keyboard at home? We can help! Ask us about our keyboard rentals.


''My 9 year old son has been taking private piano lessons for 6 months now and I am in awe of his piano skills. He can read sheet music and play full songs. He enjoys going to his lesson thanks to Tyler’s kindness, encouragement and patience. The front desk is always helpful and I appreciate the text reminders for our lesson days! :) VMA is so amazing that we had to sign up my 5 year old son up as well! We highly recommend Vancouver Music Academy!

I have always wanted to learn the piano and sadly never got the chance was I was little. Being an adult with a full-time job I was nervous about the teachers being strict about practice and impatient with me. After seeing the good reviews at this school and booking a lesson, I can say that these reviews don't lie. The staff here is so kind and patient. My piano teacher Tyler has been amazing with being kind and understanding when I have busy weeks where I could not practice and always encouraging when I'm struggling to learn a song. The school has a system that rewards you for hitting certain levels which does give you a good feel of accomplishment. Every week I'm always surprised at how much I have learned in a short amount of time and am super happy that I'm achieving my dream of playing the piano. If you are an adult wanting to learn an instrument. I wholeheartedly recommend this school!

Our 8 year old comes home glowing after his piano lessons. Robert takes the time to connect, discovers what he's passionate about and creates perfectly curated songs that make him excited. His skill level has improved so much over the past 6 months. In the words of our son, Robert is the best teacher in the world! VMA is easy to work with, flexible, welcoming, encouraging and celebrates milestones with our kiddo. It takes a village and VMA is definitely part of that community, helping him flourish and reach his dreams.

We Enjoy Working With Aspiring Pianists of All Ages


Piano Lessons For Kids in Vancouver, WA

Children through the ages of six have the opportunity to enroll in our fun group piano class program, and private lessons are available to kids, middle schoolers and high schoolers. We love the fact that every young student is 100% unique, and our experienced teachers always work with the student to find music, exercises, and concepts that will ignite their passion for music. We are happy to assign skill level-appropriate music based on video game themes, classical music, and even pop tunes if the music will help support the principles we are striving to impart. 

We send students home after each lesson with actionable practice instructions, and our goals is for kids and teens to want to practice - not practice simply because they have to. We use games, fun music, and performance opportunities give your child a love for music.

Piano Lessons For Adults

We enjoy working with adults as much as we love pre-college students. Many of our adult learners are young professionals who need a creative outlet to help them decompress after work, and many others are nearing retirement age and ready to pursue a long-postponed hobby. Whatever your goals may be, we are here to support you. Some adult students have prior experience, and many do not; whether you want to learn how to sight read, play keyboard in a band, or improvise, please get in touch.

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Become a Musician, Not Just a Pianist

The instructors at Vancouver Music Academy are well-rounded professional musicians. As such, they help students learn note reading, great technique, music theory, rhythm, musical interpretation, performance skills and memorization, and even how to write music as the student progresses. If you have a particular interest, like composition or music theory, feel free to let your instructor know.

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