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Voice Lessons in Vancouver, WA

Learn to sing confidently with exceptionally experienced and caring teachers.

Sing Confidently

At Vancouver Music Academy, adults, high schoolers and children learn how to use their voice more effectively. We can help you sing in pitch, perfect your audition material for a theater audition, or participate in a community choral ensemble - whatever you goal may be, we would love to help. Our teachers are caring and knowledgeable, and we can help with classical, jazz, pop, and musical theater. Enroll today, or get in touch.

singing lessons Vancouver, WA
voice lessons Vancouver, WA

How Lessons Work

When you enroll at Vancouver Music Academy, we work with you to identify your strengths, understand the music that you love, take into account any pre-existing musical experience, and pursue your unique goals. We want each lesson to help you take meaningful steps towards achieving your aspirations. If you have a favorite genre, we can angle lessons that way, or if you simply have a hard time producing a beautiful sound with your voice, we'll jump right into breathing and technique. Each student is different, and our knowledge of vocal pedagogy and teaching curriculums helps beginners and advanced vocalists alike succeeed.


Simple Missed Lesson Policy

We make things as easy as possible for our students. If you can't make it to a lesson, you can take it online via Google Meets, or you can request a recorded video lesson.

singing teacher Vancouver WA

Opportunities To Grow

Get Involved

We offer more than just singing lessons in Vancouver, WA. Our students have the opportunity to participate in recitals with their peers, attend songwriting classes, and even perform with a real rock band.  We offer a musical community here in Vancouver, and we want our students to meet each other and create meaningful relationships with other musicians.

Learn Fundamentals and Genre-Specific Vocal Skills

We can help you sing with good breath support, in a relaxed manner, and on pitch, and we can also help you with techniques like mixed chest voice, head voice, falsetto, and other advanced concepts. From opera arias to show tunes, our teachers have the experience and technical ability to help you.  We often help kids with note reading and "improving their ear," and after the voice has changed, we can really focus on technique. 


Learn the genre of music you love. Perfect for supplementing church choir practice, helping with an upcoming audition or just being able to rock karaoke night. 



My daughter loves to sing, but her confidence on stage was just not there. She was also extremely shy. I signed her up for voice lessons in hopes to build her confidence. This company went above and beyond our expectations. Her confidence has exploded. She was also to join a rock band and is a lead singer. This company are so easy to work with. They truly care for all of their students. I highly recommend anyone that has a child that loves music or is interested in learning about music to give this company a shot. You won't be disappointed. We love our teachers and staff.

My daughter started vocal at VMA early on in the pandemic as a way to channel her anxiety and focus on the positive. She has thrived and done so well! It’s been a few years and we still love VMA. My daughter recently joined the VMA rock band and loves it equally as much as her private local lessons. Tuition reasonable for what the kids get, all of my daughters teachers have been nothing short of amazing! 10/10 cannot recommend enough

My son and I are taking voice lessons. We both like our teachers.
I am excited to see our learning progress in a few months

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