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Drum Lessons in Vancouver, WA

Our Drum Lessons

From kids to adults and beginners to advanced musicians, all drum students are welcome at Vancouver Music Academy. Our teachers are experienced drummers, and our students even have the opportunity to participate in a real rock band. Learn to play the drums at a high level - enroll today to get started.

drum lessons Vancouver, WA
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No Experience Required

In our beginner drum lessons, you'll learn essential techniques like proper grip, posture, and striking methods to build a solid foundation right away. We'll never move on to new concepts in lessons until you are ready! We'll help you understand drum notation so you to read and play various beats and rhythms accurately. We'll also discuss your favorite music so we can make learning more enjoyable and relatable.


You'll also dive into basic rudiments, the fundamental patterns that form the building blocks of drumming. These include single and double strokes, paradiddles, and flams, which improve your control and speed. Our beginner drum lessons are fun and exciting, and you'll be playing in a band in no time.

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Never Miss a Lesson!

Our helpful absentee policy gives you the option to take an online lesson if you can't attend in person, or receive a recorded lesson that you can enjoy at home.

advanced drumming lessons Vancouver WA

Advanced Drummers are Welcome Too

Our intermediate and advanced drum lessons take your drumming skills to the next level, focusing on refining technique, expanding your rhythmic vocabulary, and exploring complex musical concepts.


You'll delve deeper into drum notation, learning to read and interpret tricky rhythms and time signatures. You'll learn things like the double paradiddle, drag, and Swiss Army triplet. Technique refinement is key at this stage -- we'll make sure you can play with fluidity and endurance. You'll also explore different styles and genres, from jazz and rock to Latin and fusion. Discussing and analyzing your favorite drummers and their techniques can provide valuable insights and inspiration.


We will also work on soloing, improvisation, and advanced coordination exercises to challenge you and push your boundaries. In short we want to help you master the art of drumming and find a unique voice at the kit.


Start Taking Drum Lessons in Vancouver, WA Today. You'll be playing in a band in no time.



''My son has taken drum lessons here for over a year. Staff, including his instructor, are awesome. My son started with zero drum experience and after a year is playing several songs. His teacher is there to help process it through the frustration, motivate him to keep trying, and has successfully taught him many songs of his interest. They have an incentive program that keep students engaged and on track for learning songs. He has also performed in multiple recitals that they put on, which are an awesome experience for him to demonstrate all of his hard work. My son looks forward to coming here every week. That has a lot to do with effective instructors.

Our son has been taking drumming lessons at Vancouver Music Academy for several years and really enjoys it. His instructor, Gus, makes it fun by teaching songs that our son knows and is excited to learn. Gus is patient and always encouraging! We highly recommend Vancouver Music Academy

This place is amazing! My daughter looks so forward to her lessons with Dylan. We live in the area and have been wanting to try for a couple years. So happy we finally did, great fit! They do such an awesome reaching out too.

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