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Violin Viola & Cello Lessons

Violin/ Viola/Cello Lessons

Violin lessons are for children as young as 5, and Viola and Cello, children as young as 10. You are never too old to learn to play. Our professional teachers take students from where they are either as a complete beginner or a student who has already studied the piano for years. All ability levels are welcome from beginners through advanced.


How Lessons Work

When a student starts lessons at Vancouver Music Academy the first step is to assess any skills the student already has and find out what goals they have, what types of songs they want to learn and make a plan to accomplish those goals. We start students on our Music Scales of Achievement program on their first day, where they will pass through series of levels and are recognized and rewarded each time they pass a level (usually 4-8 months). After each lesson, students receive an email from the teacher so that the student knows exactly what to practice at home. This takes out the guess work and makes practicing between lessons much easier and more productive.


Never Miss a Lesson!

If a student is ever unable to attend a lesson for any reason they can choose between taking an online lesson via Google Meet for the day (or for multiple days) or requesting a recorded lesson to take at the students convenience.  

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Additional Opportunities to Develop as a Musician

After a period of time and as space allows students can be invited to join one of our Rockbands or string ensemble groups. These groups can make it possible for students to make friends with other musicians their age and have performance opportunities as they learn to play with other musicians. If you are interested in this opportunity be sure to ask to be put on a waitlist. Other opportunities to help students develop into a competent musician include:

  • Regular recitals

  • ​Songwriting

  • ​Recording workshops and more

Lesson Times

We offer lessons 7 days a week. Weekday lessons start as early as noon until as late as 8 pm. Weekend lessons start at 9 am until 4 pm on Saturdays and 9 am until 3 pm on Sundays.

Violin Workshop

Violin lessons are perfect to start at the age of 5, and cello & viola we generally recommend around age 10. Adults will love them!


Don't have a Violin at home? We can help! Ask us about our Violin rentals.


We have been so blessed to have found Vancouver Music Academy! They offer lessons at all skill levels and ages. We have been especially impressed with Nate who teaches my daughters piano and Ashley who teaches violin. The time, patience and fun they put into their lessons helps support their love for music. Thank you VMA for your incredible program!

My son takes private lessons at the Vancouver Music Academy and plays in an ensemble group as well.. and he really enjoys it! Ashley and Olivia are both talented, kind and patient teachers. They made my son feel comfortable right away. I highly recommend VMA to anyone looking for lessons at any level.

My son likes the teachers and has fun in his lessons. The system they use helps students progress quickly and has celebrations when students get to a new level

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